D E S I G N  S O L U T I O N S

Alchemilla Desing Solutions products elevate the daily item to pleasant beauty to admire and use.

O U R  T A R G E T S

E L E G A N T  H Y G I E N E  S O L U T I O N S

The Alchemilla Hygiene Solutions range consists of a line of liquid sanitizer wall-mounted dispensers, provided with a locking system and contactless function.
It is characterised by a modern, minimalist and unique design, made of prestigious stainless steel material, and available in several finishings. It represents the ideal solution for those locations built to maximise customer experience.

W H E N  F U N C T I O N
M E E T S  A E S T H E T I C S

Elegance, simplicity and functionality are key concepts at the base of this devices, perfect for every location in which safety meets aesthetics.

O U R  H I S T O R Y


Alchemilla is a young and dynamic Italian company, founded in 2020 by the union of two complementary elements that make up its strenght, uniqueness and wealth: Simona Baccanti, the Chief Designer, with International education and experience, and Automa 2000, an engineering constructions company in the heart of the “Romagna” region, representing a wide industrial sector of excellent subcontracting.
The average age of the major shareholders and the management team is only 28.
Alchemilla was created with the aim of offering design solutions with an innovative market market.
We innovate because we choose to match nobel and evolved materials like stainless steel with elegant, essential and timeless design.

S I M O N A  B A C C A N T I

An honours master degree in integrated product design from Politecnico di Milano and a second honours master at Designskolen in Kolding, Denmark, after a Bachelor degree from the European Institute of Design in Milan; Simona Baccanti is a brilliant young designer with a clean and elegant style, delivering amazingly simple, functional and intuitive solutions to everyday needs. The design of her works reveals her multidisciplinary approach, and a globetrotter passion that combines her direct experience of variuos world cultures with cultural references related to the pop language and to history of art and architecture.

H Y G I E N E  S O L U T I O N S

We produce a line of liquid sanitizer dispensers characterized by excellent functionality and by an extremely refined and minimalist design, made of stainless steel, available in multiple finishings. Special solutions allow many advantages, like the anti-theft device and the pedal and elbow activation.

DESIGN PATENTED: All our solutions have been patented and all our products have been registered. We give importance and priority to the results and objectives we want to achieve and we work hard to achieve them.

L I M I T E D  E D I T I O N


Our high quality stainless steel solutions are well suited for humid environments. They are coated with a layer of powder coating, electropolished or plated with a precious metal. The steel finishes of all our products can be customized to better meet your taste and match your environments. Three finishing methods are available, all guaranteeing aesthetic perfection and durability of our dispensers.
Three colors are offered: black chrome, bright chrome, silver satin.

P R E M I U M  C H R O M E  2 4 K G O L D

Our finishings: Black Chrome, Black Satin Chrome, Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome, Bright Gold 24k, Satin Gold 24k, Rose Gold, Copper Gold.

Premium: Bright gold 24 K

Premium: Rose Gold

Bright Chrome, Black Chrome, Satin Chrome

100% Made in Italy: We combine the technological process and traditional technique, so that each product, from design to implementation, enhances the beauty of craftsmanship and manual processing.


Mattia Venturi
Purchasing Manager
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Simona Baccanti
CEO & Creative Director
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Pietro Barone
Supply Chain Manager
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Amr Hagagi
Sales Manager UAE
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Tom Chisholm
Sales Manager Australia
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Andrea Baronio
Sales Advisor Germania
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Francesca Fabbri
Marketing Specialist
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Birk Alexandersson
VR & Prototype Designer
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Gaston Conlon
Managing Director
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Massimiliano Venturi
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Luciano Sintuzzi
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