Alchemilla Contract Design Division

Contract design solutions for hygiene in every environment

The contract design division of Alchemilla addresses the business public with a new category of products with an essential, functional and contemporary design, which revolutionize the concept of hygiene for shared spaces.

Alchemilla Contract
Alchemilla Contract

The Alchemilla Contract Design collections are created to respond to the growing demand for hygiene in the hospitality, hotel, office, retail, healthcare and residential sectors to provide maximum safety in shared environments.

A complete line of design solutions for wall dispenser holders of sanitizing gel and liquid soap at the service of the redesign of residential and business environments to meet the new life needs that emerged in 2020, which represent the future multifunctional character of the home and shared environments.

The goal is to provide the designer and architect with design solutions for hygiene and bathroom furnishings with precious and contemporary finishes, to be integrated naturally in every style and environment with completely customizable solutions, to enhance the uniqueness of each place that is worth living.

The strength of the Alchemilla contract design division is the design phase of the luxury specifications, thanks to the precious customizable finishes of the dispenser holders that can be combined with the most prestigious brands of design furniture, to satisfy every practical and aesthetic need.

The entire contract line is made of electropolished stainless steel with a powder finish to offer maximum resistance and durability in indoor and outdoor environments.

The customization of the finishes allows you to tune the wall dispenser holders to the unique needs of each project, from the most essential finish to the most luxurious of 24 carat gold.

Contract - Hotel
Contract - Dispenser Oro Ramato
Contract - Dispenser Oro



    Offices, professional offices, coworking and meeting rooms


    Adapting shared work spaces to new hygiene needs without neglecting the pleasantness of use is essential to guarantee safety with functional design workstations, respecting the designed environment or for its inclusion in the design phase, for health and the hygiene of workers and customers.


    Hotels, residences, restaurants, bars and discos


    To welcome guests with the maximum comfort of the perception of hygiene, with customized finishes in accordance with the existing design, without taking away space from the surrounding environment.


    Flagship stores, boutiques, international chains


    For a contemporary image that looks to safety and style, with personalized touches that respectfully follow the lines of the existing design.


    Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, doctors’ offices


    The importance of maximum hygiene in step with a professional and essential style, which conveys a sense of cleanliness and safety.


    Palaces, luxury condominiums, villas, private apartments


    An environment tailored to safety and luxury, where the details that make the difference are important for the people who live in everyday residential spaces.


    Museums and cultural spaces


    Functionality and design consistent with the spaces of culture and institutions to give the perception of hygiene to all visitors, with an essential style that can be integrated naturally into any context.


    Cruise ships, yachts


    To make hygiene 100% safe even on boats that make tailoring an imperative, with materials with certified durability even outdoors or stressed by factors such as infiltrations and constant contact with water and salt.


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